Saturday, March 8, 2014

Little Ashes - Paul Morrison

While mainstream critics and the public at large think that Little Ashes is a bad movie,  Roger Ebert and the Gay and Lesbian Association Against Defamation think it's great. Little Ashes is a low-budget movie that speculates about the intimate relation between Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca, and Luis Buñuel's homophobia. For many modern audiences, for whom these three names mean nothing, Little Ashes is the love story of two homosexual artists in Madrid.

As you will be able to discover throughout the movie and confirm in the last scenes, this was an extremely low cost movie and never made it to the big theaters. As a society, we are not ready yet to leave the old Hollywood stories and stereotypes. This is pitiful: the reason why movies are dying and series are thriving is because we are getting tired of the same old stories even though we are not ready to discover new topics. Hollywood should start funding and pushing movies like Little Ashes in theaters, otherwise movie-making and Hollywood as we know it will die.

 I recommend this movie: the characters are really well developed, which is the least you can ask in a movie with so many financial limitations. Also, it offers a window to one of the most prolific and controversial periods of Spain's culture; hopefully people will read Garcia Lorca or watch Buñuel films afterwards.

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