Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Come Down - The Verve

No Come Down is a compilation of B-sides and acoustic versions of The Verve's early songs.

Internet and MP3 changed music in more a profound way than we think. Previously, British bands used to release singles in their home market and then compile some songs in an album to be released in the US and Japan. The objective was, obviously, to sell more records. Now, releasing a single in one market does not make sense at all, since it would be available across the ocean as soon as it is released. Additionally, the iTunes business model pushes bands to release one hit (as opposed to a 4-track single), make some money and then run. The album will soon be a relic of the past. A band like Pink Floyd would not exist today.

Something similar will happen to the books: literature will be more democratic thanks to the I-pad and the Kindle, but it will be more superficial, if anything because it is harder to read on a screen than on a piece of paper.

No Come Down, a relic of the past.

And the songs are good, too.

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