Friday, December 10, 2010

A Storm in Heaven - The Verve

See the water break my hand
No one knows my name
I'm not in demand
-The Verve, "Virtual World"

Psychedelic guitars and vocals bathed in layers of delay and reverb. Those are, I believe, the main characteristics of A Storm in Heaven, The Verve's first album. Nobody would have predicted that the band would turn into a rock and then a brit-pop band.

I guess that the commercial failure of The Verve can be explained by the experimental character of A Storm in Heaven. Usually, albums like it are only produced by consolidated bands, and not by beginners who try to be the next big thing.

It would be a common place to say that A Storm in Heaven came 10 or 15 years  in advance to its time. It would be more honest to say that it is the reflection of LSD and other drugs that make you see the noise.

A Storm in Heaven is more enjoyable in an environment with scarce oxygen and high doses of smoke.

A good album. My favorite song is "The Sun, The Sea":

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