Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alien3 - David Fincher

Alien3's filming process was extremely tortuous. And since its release, it has received mostly negative critiques, including David Fincher, who has said that nobody hates the movie more than himself. Fincher publicly disowned the movie immediately after its completion and refused to be involved in Fox's 2003 "Assembly Cut".

But I actually think it's the best movie of the saga: for one thing, it takes back the terrifying and omni-present characteristics of the first Alien without losing the relentlessness and beehive-like behavior of  the second installment. Alien3 is a great combination of suspense with action. The movie also shows that the character that evolves the most in the saga is the alien itself; Sigourney Weaver is always the same...

Alien3 is also the installment that takes the anti-corporatist spirit of the saga to its ultimate consequences. The anti-religion tone that some critics perceived at the time of its release must also be seen in the context of its release: after three presidential periods with a Republican presidents, the United States was getting ready for Bill Clinton.

Special effects are quite lame for today's standards but received a nomination for an Academy Award in 1992.

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