Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saving the Sun: A Wall Street Gamble to Rescue Japan from Its Trillion-Dollar Meltdown - Gillian Tett

The culture of Wall Street tended to focus on the present, not the past, since it assumed that the world could be constantly remade anew, that it was possible to rebound from a defeat and start again. That was not how most Japanese viewed the world: To them, the present was inevitably anchored in the past, with ties that could be ignored in polite company, but never entirely severed.

Saving the Sun is a great book. Product of years of hard work and more than 200 interviews, this book tells the story of how Long Term Capital Bank, one of the most important banks of Japan after World War II, became Shinsei Bank, "the most profitable private equity deal of all time."

Saving the Sun is a book about Japan's history, finance, and management, and can be seen as a case study for inter-cultural mergers. All that for 0.99 in the Kindle Edition.

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