Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Binaural - Pearl Jam

You know a rock band is consolidated when its fans are split in the following two groups:

a) The first one are the ones who say: "everything band X has done since album Y sucks."
b) The second group says: "the band is experimenting with new sounds and techniques, but their new stuff is good."

You can call groups a) and b) "nostalgic" and "believer", respectively. Both groups, however, are composed of adults who have not been able to grow old with dignity: neither group can deal with the fact that people, including rock stars, change: that's a fact of life, and either criticizing somebody for changing, or staying with him regardless of that person's transformations is equally immature.

Pearl Jam became a consolidated band with Binaural. Its fan base split between people who said that the band had decayed since Ten, Vitalogy and Vs., and those who said that the band had become more mature from an artistic perspective, etc...

The band obviously didn't care. Since Binaural, they have released three studio albums, several live albums, and a couple of collections. They have also toured around the World extensively and have supported several liberal causes.

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