Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strange Days - The Doors

"True sailing is dead"
-The Doors, "Horse Latitudes"

Strange Days contains two of The Doors' most famous tracks: "Love Me Two Times", and "People Are Strange". From that perspective,  this is a good introduction to the band for young listeners.

Second, This is also the band's "must have" album if you have to pick only one of their six studio productions. Strange Days is remarkable from a purely technical perspective: it was the band's first album recorded on an 8-track 1 " recorder. The Doors was also the first band to use this technology, so the entire production sounds and feels experimental up until today. The technological advantages provided by the 8-track recorder not only enhanced the quality of the album, but also enabled the band to experiment with other things: the sound of "Horse Latitudes", for instance, was achieved by using hand-sped pink-nois tape loops played into the studio's  echo chamber.  Morrison used a Telefunken U47 microphone, which is the same model used by consolidated artists like Elvis of Sinatra (whom Morrison actually admired).

Strange Days is also remarkable from the lyrics' perspective. "Moonlight Drive" combines love, darkness, and happy tabs, in an interesting way. "When the Music's Over" is one testimony of Morrison's improvisation capabilities, as well as a great closing to the entire album.

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