Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Mask - Daniel Lee

Originally recorded in Cantonese, Black Mask was one of Jet Li's last movies before becoming a famous Hollywood actor.  Being a Jet Li movie, one should make the usual concessions to enjoy the film: gravitation does not apply, and the hero cannot die. In addition, the viewer of Black Mask should also be ready for some discontinuities in the plot and in some odd situations, even for an action movie. For instance, characters jump to the right when they should have done it to the left after and explosion, etc.).

Black Mask is not a good movie in itself, but it has so many clichés of the American action movies that it is interesting to see the extent to which the United States' mass culture (one good cop trying to change everything on its own, for instance) is influencing China, and how some Chinese clichés (the hero leaves everything at the end of the movie to never come back) are preserved in the story.

Watch under your own risk...

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