Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Epitaph. Volumes One and Two - King Crimson

For me, the 1969 King Crimson was the best version of the band ever. That formation basically defined what we know today as progressive rock, and got rock and roll closer to blues and, to some extent, to classical music. The eubsequent formations of King Crimson are nothing else but Robert Fripp’s personal projects and expressions of his inner trips.

Epitaph presents the very first and the very last live performances of the 1969 King Crimson, and only because of that, Epitaph is a great album. The versions of the song that gives its name to the album are simply fantastic, and worth the 15 dollars of the disc.

I totally recommend this album for all publics. The 1969 King Crimson is too important in the History of modern music to ignore them.

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