Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Predator - John McTiernan

"If it bleeds, we can kill it"
-Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Predator set the standards for modern action movies. The scene of the palapa is one of the most exciting action sequences ever filmed. Given the standards of the time, the implicit political messages were kept to a minimum.

Predator is the ultimate popcorn movie.

And it deserves to praised as such.

Also, if you ever happen to watch the behind-the-scenes, you will understand why Arnold was elected as governor of California.

Predator was filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Rambo II was also filmed in Mexico -Guerrero, to be precise. Twenty years ago, it was common to film action movies in the Mexican Pacific coast. But then, the Vietnam related movies were no longer in (so there was no need to simulate a tropical forest in a safe environment), and the relative costs of filming in Mexico were ridiculously high in comparison to South East Asia or North Africa, when these countries opened up to trade and investment. I guess it was cool to see Arnold and Stallone around.

You can still visit the site where Predator was filmed. The helicopter is still there and there is a restaurant next to the lake of the final battle.

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