Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Live Licks - The Rolling Stones

From the booklet:

"The Rolling Stones once again redefined the rules of rock n'roll on their 'Licks' 2002/03 World Tour - a tour of 'firsts' that traversed four continents and spanned fourteen months.

It was the first time the band had created and produced a world tour that concurrently mounted three dramatically different shows - a concept which presented fans with the opportunity to experience the Stones in the intimate environs of a club, in an arena, and in the colossal spectacle of a stadium. It was the first time that audiences had heard the Stones play dozens of songs live - songs that ran the gamut from hits and classic b-sides to lesser known album cuts and covers - showcased by the band in diverse lists throughout the tour. It was also the first time ever that the Rolling Stones stepped onto a stage in India.

The 'Licks' tour was the perfect showcase for the Stones music - music made in jumpin' little joints and under blankets of stars - for audiences around the globe."

There was a controversy about the cover of Live Licks. A topless cartoon was too explicit for the US, so the American version of the album shows a girl on bikini, making the day of collectionneurs and of Virgin Records.

Fortunately, MP3 music will allow God-fearing Americans to stop worrying about covers and focus on censoring songs based on their lyrics instead.

Let's not become their beasts of burden:

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